Cold chain for a rainy day

The monsoons are here, and they’re already making their presence felt in more ways than one. We equate monsoon to rain and damp weather. However, it is this season that sees a tremendous amount of food wastage. Reason? The temperatures fluctuate rapidly this season and create a challenge to protect food quality. This changes from city to city.

E.g., If you are familiar with Bengaluru, the temperature in North Bengaluru will be completely different from that of the southern part. My friends even joke that when it rains near their campus gate, it’s nice and sunny at the parking. While there might be an amount of exaggeration, weather fluctuations throughout the day can be quite frustrating to avoid food/medicine wastage.

What’s the solution? The cold chain has moved on from ice. At least we did. To us, ice is not cool anymore. (I hope you got the pun and the seriousness too 😊). The solution lies in having a technology that adapts the temperature to the product requirement and maintains the temperature until last-mile delivery.

We are showcasing live some cutting-edge solutions at the DairyTech and Poultry expo this weekend in Bengaluru. We will show how we can break away from the ice and use cold chain technologies that can help reduce food wastage, protect the product integrity, keep the operations sustainable and yet save a ton of costs.

If you’re in Bengaluru between 26 – 28 August 2022, hop into our booth# B6-B7 Hall 2 at BIEC, Bengaluru.

PS: I did hear that it’s raining in Bengaluru.

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