Cold Chain Delivery for Meat


With deliveries rapidly increasing during the pandemic, let’s discuss the supply chain for meat. 


Transportation of meat can be tricky. Fresh raw meat is temperature sensitive and needs to be delivered at the correct temperature.  Raw meat/meat products encourage the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and spoilage bacteria. If the temperature is not maintained correctly, it can pose a health risk to the end user.


Meat is a perishable which means the delivery has to be quick and efficient. If this does not happen, it will lead to waste and the emission of GHG gasses. 


When it comes for frozen meat, it can be transported all over the world. But when it comes to fresh meat, it needs to be done quickly and sold quickly too. Meat can be transported in various ways, from intercity distribution to home deliveries. Each one of these would require a different temperature range as over freezing too, can damage the consignment. 


At Tessol, we take great pride in having successfully worked with the distribution of sea food and meat. We have multiple solutions for the same. Our trucks, which are the blowchill series, are divided into three compartments- fresh, frozen and ambient. This means that both fresh and frozen meat can be delivered at the same time, at different temperatures within the compartments. We provide temperatures of -20 for frozen foods, 2-8 for fresh and +15 for ambient products. Each compartment is lined with conditioned PCMs in the heat exchanger panels. Each compartment is divided and the PCM is conditioned to the exact temperature required. The temperature is maintained for 10-14 hours with multiple drops involved! 


For secondary distribution, we also have zen boxes and insulated cartridges which allow temperature maintained and reliability for up to to 10 hours. For our zen boxes, a temperature controlled chamber is inserted into a dry truck. The charged cartridges are placed inside the chamber before placing the consignment. This ensures 100% temperature maintained which is engine and fuel independent. Our Insulated boxes and cartridges are ideal for smaller deliveries. The boxes are charged and lined with the conditioned PCM and are designed for maximum temperature performance. These boxes contain Internal airflow paths, integrated slots for PCM cartridges ensure higher temperature integrity.


 With the pandemic having restricted movement, home deliveries have become a new norm. Our last mile delivery bags are extremely convenient for you to deliver fresh meats in! They are lined with the conditioned PCM, at the required temperature, post which the consignment is placed inside. These bags ensure safe and reliable deliveries for up to 8 hours, and multiple points! 


If you are looking for sustainable, clean and eco friendly cold chain solutions for the distribution of meat and sea food, get in touch with us today at

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