Building a business with your spouse or partner? Here’s a guide to make it a smooth sailing

As an entrepreneur, running a successful business is an arduous journey. It can be more stressful in a couple-owned business where personal factors may add to the challenges and workplace dynamics.
The husband-wife co-founders of Tessol, Rajat Gupta and Niranjana Neelakantan, the almost decade old journey has been enriching. TESSOL offers next gen storage and logistics solutions across the temperature-controlled supply chain.
Gupta and Neelakantan say building TESSOL has not been a cakewalk, but they have enjoyed the journey of nurturing their company together. What binds the couple together, despite their very different personalities, is their underlying agreement on personal values and beliefs. This common foundation gives them a unified vision of the principles of running the business and for planning for its future.

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