Beat the heat with Tessol’s 360-degree storage solutions

With the end-to-end cold chain solution provider, Tessol’s latest offering – IndiWrap – fast becoming the preferred cold chain solution for quick commerce deliveries, Manjula Nair had a chat with the firm’s founder and director Rajat Gupta to learn more about Tessol’s journey over the years, lessons from the pandemic and what lies in store for the company.

In 2015, the National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD) compiled a report – All India Cold-chain Infrastructure Capacity Assessment of Status & Gap – which held that the existing infrastructure created in the country for cold storage (bulk) and cold storage (hub) was approximately 31.82 million tonnes. However, for this, there was a gap of -3.28 million tonnes. For cold storage (bulk) and cold storage (hub), there was an all India requirement of 34.16 million tonnes and around 1 million tonnes, respectively.

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