5 Trends in Cold Chain Logistics

The significant changes in the market in terms of demand, supply, quality, regulations, increased product sensitivity, and shorter shelf-life directly affect cold chain logistics. However, these challenges are overcome by investments in technologies, improved packaging materials, hiring reliable 3PLs and others. These trends have positively impacted cold chain operations and enhanced the end consumer’s product use experience. Here are some trends in cold chain logistics that benefit businesses and consumers.

  1. There is a major focus on quality and product sensitivity
    Quality and integrity are the pillars of growing customers and businesses in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Manufacturers have to ensure that the products’ color, texture and shape remain unchanged. Any alteration in the medicines or food can make them poisonous and inedible. Therefore, manufacturers are using technologies that can maintain multiple temperatures till the last mile, like TESSOL’s proprietary solutions – Plug N Chill and SWAP – that are efficient, reliable and balance temperatures throughout the process.
  2. Manufacturers are outsourcing processes to 3PLs
    Cold chain logistics is a vast ecosystem that needs close attention to prevent loss and damage. 3PLs provide end-to-end cold chain logistic services wherein they handle the deliveries from farm to fork. For this purpose, our high-end technology TAMsys allows monitoring of the product until the last mile. Any temperature drop or vehicle breakdown during the delivery can be fixed on time to prevent losses. Additionally, 3PLs provide the best packaging materials, eutectic vehicles, monitoring systems and proper planning for a smooth logistic process.
  3. Companies are taking sustainability initiatives
    Cold chain operators are catering to the energy-intensive requirements of products while minimizing the pressure on natural resources. TESSOL, for example, offers thermal storage technology that is 100% fuel-free and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, our advanced phase change materials are non-flammable and non-toxic; plus, we use recyclable bags for all kinds of delivery and packaging. Overall, our solutions reduce carbon footprint and keep the environment healthy.
  4. Packaging is evolving to meet new needs
    Packaging is a crucial task in the cold chain process, for it can either take your business to new heights or pull it down. The products’ quality, texture and shape are dependent on the packaging; any compromise there can affect the product and consumers’ experience. Effective packaging materials like TESSOL’s insulated carriers and cartridges are the perfect packaging solution. These are designed to maintain temperature-sensitive products, which keeps them fresh, frozen and pristine till the last mile.
  5. Technology investment remains critical
    Investing in technology becomes essential to stay ahead in the market and offer the most effective service to the consumer. The advanced sensors and units give real-time data of product temperature, condition and location. This visibility allows operators to take immediate corrective measures in case of emergencies.

These trends cater to all the needs of the pharmaceutical and food industries by keeping their products’ quality, texture and taste intact. The latest solutions are designed to effectively deal with challenging factors and ensure the smooth functioning of the cold chain process. To follow the latest trends in cold chain logistics, connect with TESSOL – our impeccable service will enhance your business and keep you at the top of the market.

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