4 Reasons Why Pharma Cold Chain Monitoring is Important

Shipping perishable products from the point of origin to consumers can be challenging. The process of loading-unloading, packing, and transportation, among others, can sometimes cause temperature drops while the tilting of a vaccine bottle can lead to massive losses. Hence, monitoring the deliveries from Point A to Point B is crucial. It allows the operator to monitor the product from storage to the delivery point. Product monitoring technology saves time and money, and maintains the products’ integrity. Check out more reasons why cold chain monitoring in the pharma industry is essential:

  1.  Keeps a check on product temperature
    The monitoring system enables the operator to watch the product throughout its journey. This allows them to take quick action in case of emergencies and save the cost of product damage. Since pharma products are supplied across the region, state, and country, monitoring systems can alert the drivers about various product parameters and enable them to make an informed decision by preventing the potential temperature drop and delivering the product safely.
  2. Preserves product quality
    Cold chain transports all kinds of pharma products, including vaccines. Each product has different temperature requirements and requires operators to cater to each product differently. A minor temperature difference can reduce the potency of the vaccines and other medicines, further making them hazardous to use. However, with a monitoring system, you get an update on the products’ condition every second. This allows operators to maintain the products’ temperature and preserve their quality.
  3. Prevents potential damage
    The monitoring system alerts the operator even if there is minor inconvenience during shipping, allowing the operator to take a timely corrective measure. Otherwise, it can result in the wastage of products, jeopardize the business and even prove harmful to the consumers. For instance, if a patient gets a shot of medication that has not been properly refrigerated, the medicine would be ineffective as well as toxic, worsening their condition. Having a monitoring system in place would avoid such loopholes and prevent potential damage to a company, product and consumer.
  4. Makes the process smoother
    When you can check the product from the origin to its destination, you have control over the process. In times of crises, you can make informed decisions and avoid delays in the deliveries, making your business reliable, faster and more efficient. This would be possible when you incorporate a monitoring technology in your cold chain management system. It will make the process smoother and enhance your business significantly.

A monitoring system in the cold chain industry is by far the most optimal solution for temperature-sensitive pharma products. It gives operators a sense of control over the supply chain process and enables them to deliver a quality service, while the businesses gain immense profit as they live up to customer expectations. For a top-notch monitoring system, contact TESSOL – our TAMsys monitors your product end-to-end and provides integrated data.

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