QC Engineer

Role:  QC Engineer

Location: Navi Mumbai

Joining: Immediate

Experience: 3-5 years

As a Quality Engineer, your primary responsibility will be to ensure that processes and products consistently meet established quality standards. You will be required to monitor and improve the quality of our operational processes and outputs by designing quality standards, inspecting materials, equipment, processes, and products, developing quality control systems, and determining corrective actions. You will also work with managers and supervisors to implement quality measures.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Quality and regulatory compliance and its implementation within the manufacturing departments of TESSOL.
  • Coordination with Products and other functions to reduce defects in the systems
  • Identification of new vendors and evaluate their technical, commercial and capacity capabilities.
  • Work with selected vendors for development of parts constantly improving quality, cost and delivery performance.
  • Develop alternative vendors for the existing products on a need-based review.
  • Render technical support and guidance to Local Purchase in the case of any problems in the existing molds/press tools.
  • Identify and implement process improvement efforts for TESSOL
  • Take responsibility and accountability for the successful utilization and results of the Performance Excellence Management Programme within TESSOL.


Key skills and qualifications needed for the role:

  • E in Mechanical Engineering with 5-6 years experience
  • Knowledge of ISO guidelines and implementation
  • Understanding of good practice in relation to Quality Assurance
  • Knowledge of all relevant quality standards, policies and procedures as related to the operation and integrity of qualifications operated by TESSOL.
  • Process orientation
  • Good communication & influencing skills
  • Self-driven
  • Team player


TESSOL Factsheet

  • Founded: 2013
  • Team size: 40+
  • Customers: 200+
  • Key customers: Swiggy, Licious, Kiranakart, Reliance, Mondelez, PharmEasy, PolarBear
  • Target Markets: Food Supply Chain, Pharma, OEM, Supply chain and Logistics
  • Offerings: End-to-end cold chain solutions – Cold chain refrigeration, Cold chain storage, cold chain packaging and cold chain monitoring
  • Products: 50+ variants of cold chain solutions


Value Delivered

  • 3M tons of food wastage prevented
  • 1M GHG emissions reduced
  • 45% operating costs reduced
  • 1B Units of fresh food delivered across 4 countries
  • 100% Sustainable with PCM-based tech


TESSOL is a unique innovation-driven venture focused on solving the temperature-controlled food and pharma distribution problem in India. Founded in 2013, TESSOL has built a highly differentiated product portfolio ranging from large trucking solutions and home delivery products to an IoT based remote monitoring platform – thereby providing end to end solutions in the cold chain logistics segment. TESSOL has positioned itself as a pioneer in the cold chain space and is currently a leading supplier of last mile solutions to the e-commerce segment. TESSOL has partnered with more than 100 customers and provides cutting edge cold chain solutions to many large brands across sectors. TESSOL is committed to environment preservation and our cold storage and logistics solutions are based on the award winning, proprietary and eco-friendly “Thermal Energy Storage” technology.

What’s in it for YOU? Our rapid growth over the last couple of months, stable order pipelines, the current excitement in the market over our new range of products and our financial stability make this position a great opportunity for someone looking for an exciting and challenging opportunity to prove oneself in a start-up/new domain. The position is also one of significant equity with a comparable cash component.  If you would be interested in the role and see yourself as a good fit, write to us with your brief profile at careers@tessol.in. Read on to know more about TESSOL..

Our Growth Story: Cold Chain in India is a $10 billion market with 28% CAGR. Post-harvest collection, small scale processing and urban distribution are the biggest challenges the cold chain industry currently faces. Increased investment in food processing & cold chain and rising consumer demand for value added products are some of the biggest drivers in the industry. TESSOL’s focus market is intracity distribution of temperature-controlled products which represents one of the fastest growing opportunities within the cold chain Industry. By addressing such an unmet need of the market, TESSOL has positioned itself as partner of choice in this space.

In addition to its customer base, TESSOL has built a pan India network of partners for providing service to our clients 24 x 7. Over the last 12 months, company has also expanded its footprint across GCC and New Zealand through strategic partnerships. Besides a wide product portfolio being developed, TESSOL also plans to invest in growth of newer regions nationally and internationally. TESSOL is also exploring some innovative business models to rapidly scale their presence in these new markets.

The TESSOL Advantage: The last mile logistics is the most challenging and underpenetrated segment of the cold supply chain in India primarily due to high cost and operational complexity of the conventional solutions. Our teams engage daily with customers across the food processing, agriculture and retail sectors on how to safely and cost effectively expand their reach to new geographies and channels.

Our products can be used across segments ranging from ice cream and frozen foods to dairy and confectionary and across different tiers of the supply chain. Our systems provide higher temperature integrity for the product across multiple deliveries to ensure high product quality. These disruptive solutions can reduce distribution costs by as much as 60% and our IoT asset tracking system – TAMsys – ensures that all customer assets are tracked for performance and maintenance needs thereby ensuring cold chain integrity across the supply chain. Our technology also guarantees a pollution free environment by displacing 1000 liters of diesel per annum for a standard 1 ton vehicle.

Our Team& Culture: We are a 40 people strong team spread across all major functions. Our team has been very carefully handpicked at all levels and comprises people who have strong core fundamentals in conjunction with practical Industry experience. We are backed by a strong team of advisors and mentors who have varied experiences and come from highly diverse backgrounds that complement our in-house skills and expertise.

Our culture is one of openness and collaboration with a strong focus on innovation and growth. Humility, mutual respect, trust and commitment are some of the values you will see running across the organization and its people. Our teams are given full freedom to explore and run with ideas and hence we believe in hiring those who are self driven and have a strong urge to execute and deliver results.

Investments and Financing: TESSOL is venture invested and backed by Infuse Ventures (IIM A Venture fund), Ankur Capital (Impact Fund), 1crowd Angels and Mela ventures.  It has recently closed a pre series A round for building out an extended product portfolio and new business models for scaling the business rapidly. The company is financially secure and is in active discussions with stakeholders and investors for future capitalization plans.


If you would be interested in the role and see yourself as a good fit, write to us with your brief profile at careers@tessol.in. Read on to know more about TESSOL at www.tessol.in

Send your resumes to careers@tessol.in

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