Vue JS Developer

Role: Vue JS Developer

Location: Work from Anywhere

Joining: Immediate

Experience: 2-3 years

We are seeking a dedicated Vue.js front-end developer to join our growing company. He/She will work as part of a team to develop fast, well-tested, and performant code for various web and mobile applications using Vue.js. As a Vue.js front-end developer, he/she will be expected to work with standard programming tools such as version control and deployment software, follow industry best practices, write tests for the code you write, and follow all applicable coding guidelines.

The duties will include taking part in daily scrums, writing and developing modules for existing Vue applications, integrating Vue into existing projects, writing code and tests for code, taking part in code review sessions, and using version control software to push and pull code for testing and deployment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To write performant code using core Vue, Vuex, and Vue Router to create websites and web applications. 
  • Create tests for code written by yourself and other web developers, full-stack developers, and software engineers
  • Integrate Vue into legacy projects.
  • Diagnose and fix bugs and other software defects in new and existing Vue applications.
  • Create user-facing apps using Vue.js
  • Create modular and reusable libraries and components.
  • Improve your application’s performance.
  • Incorporate automated testing into development and maintenance procedures.
  • Run code optimization tools and analyzers to spot and refactor inefficiencies to create highly performant code.
  • Stay up to date on the newest developments in the JavaScript and Vue.js worlds.
  • Monitor Vue.js and any project dependencies for security upgrades and issues.
  • Suggest any enhancements or changes that are required to stay up with modern security and development best practices.


Key skills and qualifications needed for the role:

Candidate should have a minimum experience of 2-3 years in a similar field with:

  • Strong understanding of AJAX, DOM, and JSON/JSONP
  • Knowledge of REST-APIs (theory and modeling)
  • Experience with HTML5 features, especially local databases.
  • Experience in cross-browser compatibility, usability, and accessibility design issues.
  • Basic knowledge of PHP is preferable.
  • Expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, jQuery and JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of modern web architecture (e.g. MVC/MVCC/MVM concepts, modular design principles, REST, etc.)
  • Detailed knowledge of Vue 3 (including router, i18n, Vuex, etc.)
  • Deep Understanding of Vue build mechanism (WebPack, Vite, and SSR)
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript (ES2020) and TypeScript 4


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